OntoBox’s founders are no strangers to cross-training. Both run regularly, whack the punching bag and have developed a near-addiction for full-body workouts.

But cross-training goes beyond shooting hoops and pounding the pavement. In business, teaching and learning- which are all much more closely connected than you might think- cross-training your brain by exposing yourself to a variety of different potential learning styles and sources will make you better at achieving your goals.

For example, sometimes our trainers focus on training students in highly analytical skills, teaching them to calculate situational outcomes based on logical reasoning skills. On the other hand, our classes also encourage students to learn how to leverage their intuition to their advantage in real-world business situations, especially when it comes to sales and leadership.

Another example is our philosophical approach to learning styles. Rather than segment students according to their preferred styles, we use these styles as a guide to better understand each student and to teach them to incorporate each style into their learning mix.

Our class listings are another example of strong mental cross-training. OntoBox courses complement one another, creating the perfect blend of interdisciplinary business experience for anyone from an entry level professional to the star sales rep all the way up the corporate sales ladder.

Apply cross-training to your everyday life to understand its full potential. Change diapers as well as you change tires and you will find your life education far more fulfilling. Take OntoBox and you will find your career trail much easier to blaze.